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pretty_stickers's Journal

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There is more pleasure to building castles in the air than on the ground.
- Edward Gibbon.

pretty_stickers is a fanfiction challenge community that promises to give feedback to all participants.

• You must join the community in order to participate. It would also be highly recommended that if you wish to vote that you do so, too.

- Also, by joining, you will be guaranteed access to locked posts and other important information that are for members’ eyes only.

You must join the community in order to participate.

- Also, by joining, you will be able to see locked mod posts and other important posts that are for members' eyes only.

• If you are interested in the Round, you must sign up in order for your entry to be valid. (The sign up information will be disclosed with the challenge information.)

• Be aware that each challenge may have different rules.

- Please also make sure you read all of the challenge post. The mod does not like participants that do not read the posts; we do know if you have read them or not — and please be aware that if you do not read the post and make it known that you have done so, that any mistake you make will not be corrected by the mod.

• Each challenge has fandoms selected. This means, there is a list of television shows that are allowed. If you'd like another one added to the list, ask here. We'd appreciate the contribution as we'd love more people to participate and allow pretty_stickers to grow in participation and competition.

• All fics are to be posted behind a cut. Please be sure that in the subject, you have R - TITLE. This helps the moderator when it comes to adding your fic to the memories.

• Everyone who participates will get an award -- (only if you ask).

• When voting, you must state why you're voting for that piece. Please make sure it sounds like constructive feedback.

• Please do not submit drabbles for a Round. We have BiWeekly Drabbles (also dubbed as Weekly Drabbles) for that. Also, make sure that the fic was written for this challenge. We don't want anyone else's leftovers.

• All entries are to be in by the deadline.

- If you'd like an extension, we offer them here. Ask here for an extension for as how many days as you feel necessary (please read the post for the rules that apply to this) and the moderator will gladly extend the challenge's deadline a couple of days for you.

TAG ALL ENTRIES. The tags you need to apply will be written in bold on every challenge.

• Make sure you read all of the challenge post. It gets frustrating when one person doesn't bother to read it and causes the moderator to feel rather furious. Don't be the itch we can't scratch.


- We suggest that once a new fic. is submitted to the current challenge, read it, jot down some notes about what you like (and possibly didn't like) about it, and wait for the other before you decide it'll be your 'Best Overall' pick.

• Comment to every mod entry, please.

submitting fanfiction.
If you have an outline similar to this, please feel free to use it. We'd like all fiction submissions to look something along the lines of this:

• Please be sure that the subject line is correct. (See one of the rules above where it states this.)

The deal with voting is that, in the end when you find out you're a winner (and regardless if you win an award or not, you are a winner) your name will appear in the award post for that current challenge, and under a separate cut will be the feedback.

pretty_stickers' goal is to provide it's participants with feedback to help them grow and realise what people enjoy in their fics. We don't want the feedback to be harmful and cause the writer to believe she/he is not talented (you are, by the way), we want it to be somewhat constructive and praising your strengths so you can work on them and advance yourself. We believe it's better to know why you won a certain award than to think that your whole fic was amazing; sure, you can think it's amazing overall, but we believe that having people know why others like their writing is better than not knowing why you won Best Author or Best Crossover.

So, when voting, you have to say why you're voting for that particular story. It must be on the story, not the author's track record. Wipe the slate clean; all that matters and exists is that story and the few categories we offer for you to win an award in. State why you're voting, why you liked it, why it deserves the award you're giving it.

With voting, use the boxes (see VOTING.: the outline form, for what we mean) provided; there will be a little template there for you. This ensures that the awards will be out sooner rather than later -- the moderator doesn't like this part, you see. (For help, see here.)

DO NOT VOTE FOR A FIC BECAUSE IT'S THERE. If you don't like something, don't vote for it. You can nominate the same fic. four times, just as long as your reasons are clear and actually make sense for that category.

YOU PLAY, YOU VOTE. If you do not, it’s disqualification for you!

• We also offer you the chance to suggest a new award here.

If you'd like to affliate, comment here.

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